The numbers tell a tale about our San Juan Hut-to-Hut mt. bike adventure: 8/8: Eight mt. bikers start, the same eight finish. John Boeschen, Daivd Coyle, Arnie Graf, Jay Graham, Michael Lipson, Tom Sellars, Jeff Troutner, and Jay Weill. 7/6: Sevens days and six nights of incredibly diverse terrain. 26,000/215: Twenty-six thousand feet of climbing in 215 miles. 12,500/4026: Thinnest air at 12,500 feet in the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains on the first day, the thickest at 4026 feet in Moab on the last. 46/113.4: Forty-six degrees Fahrenheit in the rain on the first day the lowest temp, 113.4 degrees on the fifth the hottest. 0/0: Zero serious injuries and zero major mechanicals. Those are the numbers and their tale.